Fourth Chapter in the collective work “From Hitler’s New Europe to Merkel’s Eurozone” (Volume 1) (in Greek) Athens: Ependytis (2013)

The title of the chapter is “1980-1999: European Union: The Years of Expansion and Enlargement”. This work was successfully sold in January 2013, together with “Ependytis” newspaper.

In this work, the following issues were critically analyzed: a) the new EEC/EU enlargements and the negotiations for expansion “to the east”, b) ESPRIT and ERASMUS programmes, c) the Single European Act, d) the Maastricht Treaty, e) the Single Market, f) the Schengen Agreement and the first self-isolation of Great Britain, g) the Amsterdam Treaty, h) the appearance of the euro and the second self-isolation of Great Britain, i) the Greek position towards EEC/EU and j) the US attitude towards EEC/EU.

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