Health in the European Union: Member States-Agencies-Policies: Thoughts and Suggestions for the Present and the Future (2019) (Independently Published/Amazon KDP-Available through Amazon)

The efficacious support accompanied by the incessant advancement in terms of the particular neuralgic health sector in the European Union has always been not only one of the dominant Union objectives, but also one of the basic components with regard to its entire philosophy and principles. The steadily increasing noteworthiness of both the “European Centre for Disease Prevention & Control” and the “European Medicines Agency” has thus far been more than fundamental due to the fact that they manage to satisfactorily deal with a multidimensional spectrum of particularly thorny issues. In the context of this book, the author attempts to methodically examine and critically evaluate some of the foremost issues, concepts, actions and targets that determine the health sector’s present and future in the Union.

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Chapter 1: Health and the European Union: The ECDC, the EMA and the Foremost Objectives

Chapter 2: A Comparative Analysis of Opinions and Member States with a View to a More Heartening Future

Chapter 3: Concluding Remarks