The Ural Mountains And The Bering Strait: Why Are They Still So Important? (2021) (Independently Published/Amazon KDP-Available through Amazon)

In the context of this book, we attempt to conscientiously examine two of the most strategically important geographic areas of the entire globe. And as the title reveals, we are talking about the Ural Mountains and the Bering Strait. The particular importance with respect to the Ural Mountains is that they are actually characterized as the conventional boundaries between Europe and Asia. The Bering Strait separates Russia from Alaska and this means that it separates Russia from the US and Asia from North America. Our foremost aim is to provide the reader with recent and accurate information as regards these two case studies, placing special emphasis on a number of slightly or perhaps totally unknown issues.



Chapter 1: The Ural Mountains: The Conventional Boundaries Between Europe and Asia

Chapter 2: The Bering Strait: Separating Asia From North America

Chapter 3: Concluding Remarks