Enterprises in the EU (in Greek) Athens: Historical Quest (2018)

Please note that this book is no longer available in the market due to the fact that the cooperation betwen Dr. Ioannis Vasileiou and the publishing house Historical Quest has ceased.

The European Union, since the first day of its birth, has been involved in a continuous and consistent struggle in order for rational competition rules for businesses to be developed and implemented. The necessity for unconditional compliance with these rules has been boosted by geometric progress since the beginning of the global economic and financial crisis.

The Union has devoted itself to intensified efforts both to effectively protect small enterprises and to avoid supporting all kinds of troubled ones. Its primary aims are to promote liberalization of markets, the “war” against monopolies and the detailed scrutiny of both State aid and mergers.

It is crystal clear that sound and “constructive” competition within the Union offers generous help to European businesses to become stronger, in order to be able to survive in even more difficult conditions of global competition. The aim of the author is to critically examine the Union's overall activities on these thorny issues and to decide whether and under which conditions there is indeed room for economic recovery.

This book has been accepted by the National Library of Greece and the Library of the Hellenic Parliament.

Furthermore, below you can read reviews about the book (Agence Europe S.A.-Bulletin Quotidien Europe-European Library No. 12146/1240, Tuesday 27 November 2018).


Introduction: Structure and Targets of the Book

Chapter 1: Concept and Importance of European Union Competition Rules: How Are Enterprises Precisely Affected?

Chapter 2: European Union Institutions in the Context of Competition Rules

Chapter 3: Concluding Remarks